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AC Repair is the process of restoring an air conditioner to work in its order. Though each unit requires a unique set of approaches to service, the general method of inspecting the various components of the entire system around, it requires servicing what needs servicing and performing any necessary repairs.

And Ac Repair Arabian Ranches knows very well to do its services like AC Repairing and maintenance services as well as AC cleaning and Duct cleaning jobs, both in industrial and residential Areas.

We will take care of your AC in your home, studio or shop, or office AC maintenance Arabian Ranches deals with all kinds of AC.

ac repair arabian ranches dubai

AC Repair and Services

The most common AC repairing services are included to repair them or fix the main components of an air conditioner like their filters capacitors, coils, or compressor, AC usually has some components which are also be replaced when they are out of order or not working properly sometimes following are the components of AC which can be replaced or can be fixed or some of them require cleaning as well.

AC Repair Arabian Ranches do these tasks for years and are very experienced in performing them.

1 - Replaceable

  • Replace Air Filters
  • Replace the Thermostat
  • Replace Fuses
  • Replace the condenser Fan
  • Replace capacitors

2 - Fixable

  • Fix Compressor it is also replaceable
  • Fix the coils (Clean if needed)

How will you know when you need Air Conditioner Services?

Following are a few signs when you start realizing that you need AC Repair Services. Then the first thing you need to call AC Repair Arabian Ranches Dubai when you start feeling these following reasons.

i - Warm Air

If you feel that AC is blowing warm air you should check the thermostat and its temperature to lower still if it is blowing warm air or hot air then you should contact our AC repair services.

ii - Blockage in Air

If you’re AC has a problem with Poor Airflow or blocked airflow then you need our services for repairing

iii - Humidity

In summer humidity is high outside but under an air conditioner, it is controllable if your AC does not manage it automatically then your AC needs maintenance

iv - Water Leakage

If your AC is leaking water it needs maintenance

v - Making Noise

If your AC is making disturbing sounds that will be because of some loose parts then it needs to be fixed.

ac noise issues fixation

Benefits of regular Air Condition Services

AC maintenance Arabian Ranches provide regular Air Conditions services, Regular AC repair service, and maintenance that increase the lifespan of your AC by 8 to 10 years. Usually, people don’t know that so your AC needs a regular service which we provide.

Following are some key features of regular service of an Air Conditioner which increase the life span and efficiency of an Air Conditioner and its performance as well.

Saving AC efficiency, AC loses 5 % of its efficiency every year if it isn’t served properly, so using our services will save it for you.


Regular service can increase the performance of an Air Condition.

Reduce Risk

Regular service reduces the risk of an AC by unwanted interruptions.

Increased Life Span

As we mention, regular AC service increased an Air Conditioner’s life span.

Improvement in Cooling

If an AC is checked regularly the cooling will be always improved with time

Power Factor

Stable and well-shaped stable AC will always give you an electric efficiency which means the electricity consumption would be less as compared to non-regular served AC.

ac repairing process by arabian ranches dubai

AC Repair Arabian Ranches’ Process of Offering Services

AC Repair Arabian Ranches is only one call away from you people we will be at your doorstep with one call or a text message on our WhatsApp or at the email mentioned in our customer service card.


From all the deductions we did in this article, You can conclude that the regular AC repair service is very important to get it regularly from us, especially since it will give you all benefits as we mentioned above with the very good rates we provide all over Dubai by AC Repair Arabian Ranches.

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