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We are committed to offering our clients individualized, effective, and highly efficient services as a licensed, accredited, and experienced AC Maintenance Company in Dubai. Regular AC Maintenance Dubai is necessary for your HVAC system, and our experts can assist you with your requirements. We provide unique, tailored maintenance contracts that meet your individual needs. Doing routine AC Maintenance Dubai ensures that:

  • Decrease the expense of maintaining your air conditioner
  • Much lower energy bills
  • Optimum cooling and efficiency of AC unit
  • Increasing the air conditioner’s lifespan
  • Get and uphold warranties as soon as possible
  • A higher standard of air within

Get What We provide for Air Conditioning Services in UAE:

Air Conditioning Service in Dubai:

1- Installation of an air conditioner

2- Servicing of air conditioning

3- Repairing an emergency air conditioner

Arabian Ranches AC Maintenance Company in Dubai provides complete air conditioning installation, AC Maintenance Dubai, and emergency A/C repair services. Our highly qualified specialists do all the work.

  • 24/7 client assistance
  • We fix all ac brands
  • Reputable and trusted HVAC contractor
  • Assured Top Quality Installations & Repairs
  • Delivering to our clients more outstanding standards of quality and craftsmanship

Get  Window Air Conditioning Service:

Split Air Conditioning Service

We provide quick service for Split AC installation, Split AC repair, and Split air conditioner servicing.

Service For Central Air Conditioning

We have qualified engineers for all brands of Central AC, Cassette AC, and Floor Standing AC repair, installation, and service in Dubai.

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During operation, an air conditioner collects dust and grime, which prevents sufficient cooling. As a result, to have your air conditioner serviced is essential for guaranteeing trouble-free operation. Together with dependability and productivity, AC Maintenance Dubai also emphasizes providing there are no issues inside the AC and that each component of the AC is in good working order.

Lack of AC maintenance can lead to various issues with an AC, including AC water leakage, AC not cooling, AC noise, AC bad smell, etc. Regularly scheduled air conditioner unit maintenance and repair can reduce these dangers.

ac repairing process by arabian ranches dubai

Get Hire The Best Dubai Air Conditioning Repair Company:

Professionally qualified HVAC service technicians perform our quality air conditioning repair services. This means we have the experience, skills, tools & latest technology to fix HVAC problems right the first time. Our ac repairs services are guaranteed 100% in writing for your peace of mind. Best air conditioning repair, installation, and air conditioning maintenance for all brands of air conditioning units throughout Dubai. AC Maintenance Dubai by Arabian ranches is your first choice for air conditioning installation and repair services.


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Our skilled HVAC service professionals provide high-quality air conditioning repair services. This means we have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and most recent technologies to handle HVAC issues correctly the first time. We offer 100% written guarantees on all our ac repair services for your peace of mind. Best air conditioning repair, installation, and air conditioning maintenance for all brands of air conditioning machines throughout Dubai. Arabian Ranches is your top pick for air conditioning installation and servicing in Dubai.

Is it necessary to schedule AC maintenance?

Although you can dust the easy-to-reach places and clean the interior unit’s air filters on your own, it is best to leave the deep cleaning of the evaporator assembly, refrigerant gas optimization, and other tasks to a qualified professional.

Devices like air conditioners with many moving parts might be problematic in the long run. A skilled HVAC technician knows how to properly clean and maintain every component and can spot problems before they become serious. Also, your specialist will suggest adjustments that could improve the machine’s operation, lower energy costs, and ensure you are happy with the cooling performance all year.

ac noise issues fixation

How Much Dose Ac Maintenance Cost in Dubai?

Cleaning, inspection, and repair of air conditioners in Dubai start at AED 150 per hour (excluding VAT). Spending this small sum a few times a year will result in significant long-term savings because AC maintenance can lower electricity costs and lengthen the life of your unit.

What Does Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Include?

  • Setting the thermostat
  • Fasten every electrical connection
  • Lubricant moving parts
  • Evaluate and clean the condensate drain line
  • Verify the system controls
  • Inspect, maintain, and replace your air filter as needed.
  • Eliminate refrigerant leaks and re-charge the system (if necessary)

How is AC maintenance cost-effective?

An effective HVAC system is well-maintained. The demand placed on your electrical system is decreased by a system operating at peak efficiency rather than one requiring repair. Reduced electric expenditures more than offset that yearly maintenance fee.